Test Google Chrome OS

For those curious about Google Chrome OS, you can use VMLite Workstation to test run it.

The following are the simple steps to get Chrome OS running in VMLite:

(1) Download and install VMLite Workstation, http://www.vmlite.com/index.php/products/vmlite-xp-mode/download

(2) Download the Chrome OS virtual disk (.vmdk) zip file from http://gdgt.com/google/chrome-os/download/. Registration is required.

(3) Unzip the file to extract the .vmdk file.

(4) Add the above .vmdk file to media manager.

Go to VMLite Workstation menu, File > Virtual Media Manager, you will see following screenshot:

Virtual Media Manager, click to enlarge

Click Add button to add the .vmdk file from the extracted location, as shown below:

Virtual Media Manager, click to enlarge

(4) go to VMLite Workstation menu, Machine > New VM..., follow the wizard to create a virtual machine.

You need to specify a name, guest OS type, memory size, and the virtual disk file.

The most important step is to choose the vmdk file added in step (3) for the new vm.

You can refer to following screenshots:

Chrome os creation step 1, click to enlarge

Chrome os creation step 2, click to enlarge

Chrome os creation step 3, click to enlarge

(5) After the vm is created, you can click Start button to start it.

There isn't much you can do with it, you will need to login with your gmail account and password.

Chrome Login Window, click to enlarge

Once login, the Chrome browser window appears, nothing else you can do.

Chrome OS Window, click to enlarge