VMLite XP Mode Tips
  1. Host drives are mapped as sub directories of drive H: inside vm, for example, use H:\c to access your host C: drive.
  2. Control-C/Control-V can be used to copy files between host/vm and between vm/vm. Folder copying is not supported yet. No drag and drop support yet.
  3. You need to discard the saved state if vm is hibernated before you can make changes of the vm settings. Click "Discard" button on the main toolbar.
  4. If you don't like the green borders, you can disable it by clicking "Virtual Applications" from right panel of VMLite Workstation, then uncheck "Enable Green Borders".
  5. You can delete saved logon credentials by clicking "Logon Credentials" from right panel of VMLite Workstation.
  6. You can assign the vm to a real physical IP address by changing its network settings. By default, NAT is used for the vm, which has slow performance. Click "Network" from right panel, then change to "Bridged Adapter" from "Attached to" dropdown list, which may improve network performance significantly.