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VMLite VirtualApps Player Overview

VMLite VirtualApps Player allows you to run applications at native speed in a secured fashion that does not cause any changes to your host system.

VMLite VirtualApps Player provides an isolated execution container (securebox or sandbox) on top of the same host operating instance. Programs can be installed and launched from each container, all changes caused by the programs are trapped to the container, and thus results in no changes to the host system. Each container is a light weight virtual machine with its own file system, registry, objects, and other system resources. Each vm is isolated from each other, and acts as a pacth to the host system.

You can very easily install/uninstall programs in each vm, and you can bring the vm to another PC to run those apps in the vm.

The following are some example uses:

  1. Sandbox browsing - You can run IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safaria using VMLite Player, and all file and registry changes will be trapped inside the sandbox. Even installations initiated from this box will be trapped. For example, if you install Google Toolbar, it will only appear to browsers inside the sandbox, and your host browser won't see the toolbar.
  2. Multiple instances of singleton applications - VMLite Player virtualizes Windows objects and namespaces, so you can use it to launch multiple instances of applications that are designed to allow only one instance. For example, you can use VMLite Player to launch many instances of Microsoft Windows Live Messenger, or Yahoo Messenger, in case you have multiple accounts.
  3. Carry your favorite applications with you - you install your favorite applications to a vm, and store it in a USB drive, now you have your apps with you, and can launch them anytime from the USB. You can install Microsoft Office this way.
  4. Share applications with your friends - you find some cool apps, and want to share with your friends, no problem, you create a vm with VMLite Player, and send the vm to your friends. This way, your friends no longer need to go through the error-prone, tedious and boring installation process on his or her computers.
  5. Pre-configured complex applications group - for example, you can package Firefox, Apache, MySQL, Joomla into a vm using VMLite Player, configue them, populate the database, and now you can share this same configuration with your co-workers.

We will release a free version for 32-bit Windows in Q2 of 2011. If you want to test it now, send an email to INFO AT VMLITE DOT COM.