MyOldPCs Overview

My Old PC is Alive Again!

Run your old PC as a vm on a new PC 

Over the years we buy new computers and retire old ones. When we retire old computers, we take pains to preserve data on them. Some go into each folder on the computer, looking for files that are potentially useful; some take backups of all the files in the old computer. Some forget to copy the archived email files, while others search the Internet to find out how to save and restore bookmarks. Even if you create a complete backup, you may have to import some of the exported files (such as Outlook email) painfully, to just look for an old email. In particular, you backed your data up, but you lose your application and environment.

What if you can retire your physical computer but still keep a virtual one? You not only get all your data, but also your applications. More importantly, you retain a familiar working environment ---- your desktop settings, your registry, your old mail application, bookmarks, to name just a few. The warm feeling of working with a familiar environment and the peace of mind that the solution brings to you, is another reason why VMLite can bring value to every regular PC user.

Here are the simple steps it takes to have your old PC up and running in your new PC, using VMLite:

  • Get an external hard drive that can hold all the data on your old PC.
  • Copy a simple MyOldPCs program to the hard drive and connect the hard drive to the old PC.
  • Run the copied MyOldPCs program, which will convert your old PC to a file that can be accessed from your new PC.
  • Once the conversion is done, connect the hard disk to your new PC, and start running and enjoying your old PC with VMLite Workstation

A similar but interesting use for VMLite is to use it to create a backup of your Netbook computer, and run it on your desktop PC. Instead of your old PC being alive on your computer, your Netbook is alive now in a different environment.