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VMLite VirtualApps Studio Overview

For ISVs that want to simplify the installation, deployment, security and manageability of their server or client applications on Microsoft operating systems, VMLite VirtualApps Studio enables the delivery of pre-configured executable application containers – also termed software appliances - that do not require installation – they just “run”. In addition to zero installation, VMLite VirtualApps Studio provides a built-in feature to protect the intellectual properties of the deployed applications, as it can package into a single file, thus making reverse engineering much more difficult.

A VMLite VirtualApps package consolidates programs, configuration registry entries, dependent DLLs/libraries and data files into a single file. Such a package may contain one or more applications. Most importantly, a VirtualApps package runs in a virtual environment that protects system changes to the host.

VMLite VirtualApps packages may be run both on top of a vanilla operating system, and an operating system that has been already virtualized with system virtual machine software. Multiple instances of a VMLite VirtualApps software appliance can be run on a single operating system – giving significantly improved resource usage. Unlike software appliance offerings to date, a VMLite VirtualApps software appliance does not include an operating system image, hence obviating the need

for ISVs to obtain distribution licenses for an operating system.


The VMLite VirtualApps package leverages RemoteSoft’s virtual machine technology that has been in production for over 3 years and benefits from 1500 customers worldwide.