VMLite Android

You can download Android 4.0.4 virtual machine here to run with VMLite or VirtualBox. This is still a very early phase of the vm. We will improve it, as our goal is to provide you with the best Android virtual machine you can ever find. The next steps are guest additions for the virtual machine.

Setup the virtual machine

(1) Using Winrar or 7zip to extract the zip file to a folder.

(2) Start VMLite Workstation 4.2 beta or VirtualBox v4, then go to menu Machine > Add, select Android-v4.vbox file to add the vm, you should be able to then
start the virtual machine.

(3) if (2) is not working for you, you can create a new virtual machine using Machine > New VM... menu, choose Linux 2.6 as guest os, add the two vdi files using
IDE controller to the vm. Android-4.vdi as Master, and sdcard.vdi as slave.

Using the virtual machine

(1) Drag the lock using the mouse to enter the Android screen.

(2) sdcard should be automatically mounted, in case it's not, then you have to do it manually,

open a command prompt, and enter these commands: (adb.exe is included in the zip file)

adb connect localhost
adb shell
mount -t vfat /dev/block/sdb /mnt/sdcard

after the above, you should be able to use the sd card, which has 8G size.

If you can't connect using adb, and you are using NAT as network adapter, you need to run the following command:

VBoxManage modifyvm Android-v4 --natpf1 adb,tcp,*,5555,*,5555

If you are using bridged network adpater, you need to use the ip address of your vm to connect, e.g.

adb connect