Welcome to the VMLite

Our newest Leapdroid Android (4.4.4 KitKat) virtual machine is just released!

Download Leapdroid Now! 

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Check out VMLite Mobile Apps

(1) YouMap, the first Android Mirroring App that works on any Android devices, whether rooted or not. It can record and stream screens to PC/AppleTV/Chromecast with real-time audio/video. 

   Available on the Google Play Store   

                                                                        (scan to install) 

(2) VMLite VNC Server, the first VNC Server that works on any Android devices, whether rooted or not. It works on ARM, MIPS or x86 devices and virtual machines.

   Available on the Google Play Store  

                                                                        (scan to install)

(3) VMLite Remote Client, the best and most advanced RDP client for iOS, equivalent to Windows 7 RDP client, with audio, video, clipboard, files support.

   Available on the App Store