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Kindle HD 8.9 wrong orientation
Hey, i am using vmlite on an Kindle Fire HD. Unfortunately the framebuffer is always oriented wrong. When the screen is in landscape the Framebuffer is portrait and vice versa. Any ideas how to fix this i tried it already with all orientation related settings. The "best" result i

aluedeke2014/09/19 04:12
Re:rPlay beta bug reports and feedbacks
Hello, After few month of stand-by, I re tested the whole system under iOS7 : Whaooww Cool. Almost everything is working !! Soud is ok with Airplay with some Podcast App (ex : Downcast)) Sound is ok with chromecast under Youtube Sound is ok with airplay but end after a few minutes with Youtub

Cchaize2014/01/11 23:40
Re:Android screen Appears rotated on Computer
It's now working if I don't connect it to a HD TV (HDMI Connection) I can click the rotate button, and it does rotate it. Getting there, and I hope my hints help others.

MrSnow2013/12/23 10:33
Re:Android screen Appears rotated on Computer
Is there a way to get hold of the older version? Thx in advance

MrSnow2013/12/22 08:39
Re:Android screen Appears rotated on Computer
I have the same issue. screen is at right angles, using VNC Client, Java and HTML client. This is a HDMI SmartTV Dongle 200BT - with Bluetooth keyboard It's operating system Google Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Processor Dual Core RK3066 1.6 GHz It is not rooted, so every time it crashes (Whic

MrSnow2013/12/22 08:37
Server Settings
is there a description/explanation for each of the server settings somewhere, something that explains what each setting does better than the brief note following each setting? for example, what exactly does "interval (ms) per step do? will adjusting this improve the lag/delay i experience on th

aeneas12013/12/13 08:22
Re:Android screen Appears rotated on Computer

aeneas12013/12/13 06:47
Re:rPlay beta bug reports and feedbacks
Hello! I've just found a way to configure my router to have rplay working with Lan and Wifi... very good job! New issue: with some TV app, the screen rotate 90ยบ automatically. On my Ipad is in landscape mode, but rotate on my TV (not only portrait, but also a rotation of the image). Couldn't

Nicdoul2013/09/23 12:40
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