VMLite XP Mode Overview
XP Mode on windows 7 

VMLite XP Mode offers similar functions as Microsoft Windows XP Mode, but doesn't require hardware virtualization. It allows you to run Windows XP at the same time from your desktop running on a different host operating system. 

Even if your computer has VT-x or AMD-V, you should try out VMLite, because it runs faster, has better graphics and supports 3D/2D acceleration, supports multiple virtual CPUs, supports 64-bit guests, etc.

If you want to migrate your old Windows XP to run as virtual machine on your new Windows 7 PC, you can use our MyOldPCs software.

If you want to boot your old Windows XP directly on your new PC to have a multiple boot system in addition to your Windows 7, you can use our VBoot software, which boots an operating system from a single virtual disk file in VHD format.

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"Amazing alternative to Microsoft’s XP Mode. Faster, more options and bug free so far!!" --- An early tester "The installation and getting a XP VM up and running was so easy that even a novice could have done it." --- An early tester "We just purchased four new Dell machines for Windows 7 only to find that the processors inside do not support Intel VT and hence are not supported by Windows XP Mode." --- An enterprise user